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ObservedEarth is an app that simplifies the process of downloading, processing, and visualising multispectral earth observation data. See Earth from above.


A range of desktop, mobile, and web applications exist that provide access to satellite imagery. ObservedEarth differs in that it makes accessible a history of observations showing how the Earth has changed over time. Watch rivers change their path, bushfire destruction, forrest regrowth, expansion of urban developments, snowfalls. Earth observation data has wide ranging applications.

Lake Eildon IMAGE: Lake Eildon, Victoria, Australia. Generated by ObservedEarth, data from USGS/NASA Landsat

The richness of multispectral data is exposed through a series of present band combinations to highlight specific features. Bands mapped to an images red, green, and blue channels can present a natural look image. Incorporating the infrared band can highlight active bushfires, and the near infrared band can help distinguish between different types of vegetation.

Benloch Landsat8 band combinations IMAGE: Benloch bushfires, 7th October 2015. Generated by ObservedEarth, data from USGS/NASA Landsat

ObservedEarth downloads unprocessed satellite data which is then processed locally on the iPhone/iPad, this enables much greater flexibility in the range of visualisations that can be offered. Raw data consumed by ObservedEarth is often available within hours of the satellite passing overhead.

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Beta testing

TestFlight beta testing now available

In the extremely rare case that you’ve stumbled across this post before the public release and have an interest in testing out ObservedEarth, please let me know and I’ll send through a TestFlight invite. Contact via or any of the links below. Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory image... [Read More]